7 Plant care/styling tips for new plant parents!

Our bedroom oasis

Our bedroom oasis


Say it with me: ANYONE CAN BE A PLANT PARENT. There is no such thing as a green thumb or black thumb. All that plants need is an eager parent willing to put in some T-L-C. For your houseplant to thrive you should choose a plant that fits your lifestyle and space. Plant care can seem intimidating at first but there are plenty of beginner plants that will give you the confidence you need!

Be easy on yourself

Don’t get upset or discouraged if you killed a houseplant. Even the most experienced plant parents have had some casualties. It’s a process and you learn from your mistakes!  Do some research on how to take care of your plant babies. There are tons of resources out there!

Choose the right plant baby

What is your lifestyle like? Do you travel a lot? You do not want to choose a plant that requires frequent watering and daily attention if you are out of town frequently. Some plants are more resilient and low maintenance than others. Plants such as ZZ plants and Snake plants are easy to take care of; they are the perfect plant friends for someone that cannot provide plant care daily.

Location, location, location!

Finding the right location for your plant baby is essential to it thriving. Some plants require more light than others. Most houseplants thrive in bright indirect sunlight. You do not want your plants in direct sunlight because they will get sunburn. If you are looking to add some greenery into your bathroom, a bird’s nest fern thrives in a humid environment.

Water with love

As a new plant parent, the number one cause of death of my plants was overwatering. Purchasing pots with drainage holes has helped significantly. A good way to check if it’s time to water your plant baby is to do a soil check. You simply stick your finger in the soil, if the top inch of the soil is dry then it’s time to water. I water most of my houseplants thoroughly once or twice a week and water my Succulents, Snake plants, and ZZ plants once a month. I water the soil evenly and allow the water to drain into a tray.

Get crafty

You can utilize cans and coffee mugs as plant pots. To prevent root rot and overwatering, place small pebbles at the bottom layer of the pot to create a space for excess water. Use vintage chairs from thrift stores and wine crates as plant stands. A bar cart is a mobile plant stand that you can transport to different rooms! I also like to adorn my plants with fun charms and sweet little love notes!

I love my cute monkey charm in my money plant, and I love to show my cacti gang some love!

I love my cute monkey charm in my money plant, and I love to show my cacti gang some love!


Inspect and help it thrive

Inspect your plant babies for pests, check the leaves and soil. Neem oil is a non-toxic pesticide that can be used to deal with pests. Pruning dead leaves can help your plant thrive. It is important to clean your plants; take a damp cloth and dust the leaves off. When plants are coated with dust, the openings through which they breathe become blocked.

Play with variety

There is such a biodiversity of plants. They come in all sizes, shapes, and structures. When styling, play with different heights and textures. I like to pair a ZZ plant with a Pilea. If you are into Cacti, create a Cacti gang of different textures that are hairy and spiky! I also love implementing Snake plants into my plant collection because they add a vertical accent to my styling.

Happy plant shopping!

I absolutely love fiddle leaf figs!

I absolutely love fiddle leaf figs!


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